Communicating quickly and efficiently with the parents/carers of our children is of paramount importance to us. Parentmail PMX or the Overleigh App allows the school to send information home via emails and text messages more cost effectively and securely than paper copies. It is excellent for communicating urgent information for example; the cancellations of after school clubs or delayed coach trips by informing you of any changes direct to your mobile phone.

This is a very useful system as up to three adults can be linked to any child meaning parents, parents who no longer live with their children, grandparents and childminders can register to be kept informed of what is happening in school. 

* No more lost or misplaced school letters as you can review all sent communications on one easy feed - so they don’t get buried in a busy email box.

* Book parents’ evening as soon as you receive the invitation – making the process quick and easy.

Payment System 

Overleigh St Mary’s is moving towards becoming a cashless school and as of September 2017 will only be accepting online payments for Cosmic Club and In House Sport Clubs.  The advantages of paying online puts the parent/carer in control. You can access it at any time, track exactly how much you have paid, see any outstanding amounts and be refunded instantly back onto your debit or credit card.

You will be able to track your child’s account balance for the school canteen and see what they have purchased (copies of the menus are on the school website). Where money is owing to the school by you, a notification will be sent to you via an email, when you log on you can view the payment requests available to you.

This system removes the need to send cash or cheques in envelopes with your child minimising the risk of lost money, it make it convenient to pay any forgotten last minute payments from anywhere without having to come to the school office.  Please note that your card details are not visible or stored by the school, all card information is processed only by Barclaycard.
Please ensure that the school has your current email address and mobile number so they can regsiter you. If you wish to view Parentmail please click on Parentmailpmx, you will be taken to the log-in site.

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