Calculation Policies


The Power Maths Calculation Policy illustrates progression in calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and how this works in line with the National Curriculum.


The consistent use of the CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach across Power Maths helps children develop mastery across all the operations in an efficient and reliable way. This means that we always start with physical resources to introduce a new concept or activity. We build up understanding through the use of resources that can be used by all our pupils before then moving onto using pictures or images to support the development of the idea our pupils are learning. We then finally move onto the abstract form of maths, where all our learners apply what they have learnt using a written format.

This model is not linear, we use a cyclical approach. For example, even when a pupil has worked out the answer using an abstract method, we may ask them to use concrete manipulatives to convince others that they are correct.


This policy shows how these methods develop children’s confidence in their understanding of both written and mental methods.

The Policy is spilt into 4 sections:

-  Reception

 - Key Stage 1

 - Lower Key Stage 2

 - Upper Key Stage 2


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