Committee Membership

Committee Membership

Finance & Resources

Sarah Maoudis (Chair of Governors) (GDPR) (SIP1)

Paul Kidley (Chair of Committee) (H&S)
Emma Drew (Head Teacher)
Sharon Broughton (Safeguarding & LAC)
Laura Gregory (PP/ Sports Funding)

In attendance: 
Clerk to the Committee

Standards and Achievement Committee 

Sarah Maoudis (Chair of Governors) (GDPR) (SIP1 )

Susan Fryer (Chair of Committee)     
Emma Drew (Head Teacher) (SIP 5)
Shelia Edwards 
Karen Shapland (SEN) (SIP 3)
Rev Ric Whaite ( HT Wellbeing) (SIP 4)
Rebecca Shimmin (SIP 2) (SIAMS & RE)

In Attendance:
Clerk to the Committee

Pay Committee

Sarah Maoudis (Chair of Governors)

Rev Ric Whaite & Sharon Broughton





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