Record of Governor Training

Record of Governor Training  
Date Course Governor
Sept 23 All Govs read KCSIE Part 1& Part 2 All Governors
Nov 23 SIAMS Training Emma Drew
Nov 23 SIAMS Training Rebecca Shimmin
Nov 23 SIAMS Training Sheila Edwards
Sept 22 Safeguarding  All Governors
April 22 Safeguarding Level 2 Elaine Davies
Mar 22 Handling & Resolving Complaints Emma Cleland
Mar 22 Handling & Resolving Complaints Sharon Broughton
Mar 22 Handling & Resolving Complaints Paul Kidley
Mar 22 Handling & Resolving Complaints Susan Fryer
Mar 22 Handling & Resolving Complaints Karen Shapland
Mar 22 Handling & Resolving Complaints Rev Ric
Jan 22 Siams Training Karen Shapland
Jan 22 Prevent Training Paul Kidley
Sept 21 Chairs of Governors Sharon Broughton
Sept 21 Prevent Training Susan Fryer
Sept 21 Prevent Training Karen Shapland
Sept 21 Prevent Training Ric Whaite
Sept 21 Prevent Training Emma Cleland
Sept 21 Prevent Training Laura Gregory
May 21 Prevent Training Elaine Speakman Davies
Sept 21 Safeguarding  All Governors
Jul -21 Exclusion Training Paul Kidley
Jul -21 Exclusion Training Sharon Broughton
May-21 Headteacher Wellbeing  Emma Drew/Sarah M
Mar-21 School Financial Value Standards Emma Cleland
Apr-21 Effective Head Teacher Performance Management Rev Ric Whaite
Jan-21 Chairs of Governors Susan Fryer 
Nov-20 First Aid Sarah Maoudis
Nov-20 What Finance Governors need to know Emma Cleland
Oct-20 Being a Gov of a Church School Susan Fryer
Sep-20 Safeguarding Susan Fryer
Sep-20 Safeguarding Rev R Whaite
Sep-20 Safeguarding Sarah Maoudis
Sep-20 Safeguarding Elaine Speakman Daives
Sep-20 Safeguarding Karen Shapland
Sep-20 Safeguarding Sharon Broughton
Sep-20 Safeguarding  Emma Cleland
May-20 Introduction to becoming a Governor (online course) Sharon Broughton
May-20 Introduction to becoming a Governor (online course) Emma Cleland
Sep-20 Ongoing monthly course for Chair of Governors Sarah Maoudis
Jan – 20 SFVS Elaine Davies
Feb-19 Data Protection Training Sarah Maoudis
Feb-19 Prevent Training Susan Fryer
Feb-19 Prevent Training Sarah Maoudis
Feb-19 Prevent Training John Scott
Feb-19 Prevent Training Rachel Bryson
Jan-19 Complaints Handling  Janet Davies
Nov-18 Health & Safety  Janet Davies
Nov-18 Know your SEND Janet Davies
Nov-18 GDPR Training John Scott
Nov-18 Heath & Safety John Scott
Nov-18 Health & Safety Paul Kidley
Oct – 18 Fraud & Audit Paul Kidley
Sep-18 Safeguarding Paul Kidley
Sep-18 Safeguarding John Scott
Sep-18 Being a Church Governor Susan Fryer
Sep-18 Safeguarding Susan Fryer
Sep-18 Safeguarding Rachel Bryson
Sep-18 Safeguarding  Kerri Mulhall
Jun-18 Safeguarding Sarah Maoudis
Jun-18 Safeguarding Janet Davies
May-18 Role of School Gov Karen Shapland
May-18 Meet the Lead Inspector Karen Shapland


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